KOWW Ep. 90: In the Arms of an Angel - Kingdoms of the Wild West a 5th Edition D&D Campaign

January 24, 2018

KOWW 90. Whoa! We are here. This is a big deal, the posse is escaping. But what of the Heart? What of Ragnar? The posse has a lot to deal with, will they come out unscathed? Yee haw, let's find out!

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Episode 275: What Kind of Jedi?

January 4, 2018

Episode 275. What's up everybody. We've finished the holiday season and its podcast time. We saw Star Wars: The Last Jedi and we give an in depth review. Also, we share some holiday stories and Matt remembers every story ever. So grab a tasty coffee beer and perk up it's episode 275!

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Episode 274: Anime League

December 11, 2017

Episode 274. Hello everyone! We have returned and we brought Kevin with us. This week we go a little deeper into Justice League and dive into the Punisher Netflix series. Also, Kevin recommends some anime and Evan tells us about his trip to Florida. So grab a beer and pretend its good, it's episode 274!

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Episode 273: Repeating Ourselves

November 28, 2017
Episode 273. What's up everybody! This week the crew is joined by Alex Kosmach from Kingdoms of the Wild West. We talk all the TV we manage to squeeze in from CW, we talk more about Justice League. Fortnight gets some glowing recommendations and much more. So grab a tasty drink, hope there's not too much mango, and join us for episode 273. Clinky clinky!
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Episode 272: Waste of Life

November 19, 2017

Episode 272. What's up everybody. This week we talk tons of DC, Justice League came out and Matt gives spoiler-free impressions and we all get caught up on CW;s DC TV. Also, Evan and Shane review Thor Ragnarok and so much more. We even review a new Table-top RPG called Urban Shadows. So grab your favorite beverage and join us for episode 272. Clinky clinky! 

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Episode 271: Keeping It Covered Up

November 13, 2017

Episode 271. Hey everyone! We survived Extra-Life and we're still taking donations! We talk what we played, what happened, and we thank our donors individually. Also, we talk new fighters in Injustice 2, new Star Wars movies, South Park the Fractured But Whole, Wolfenstein 2 and much much more. Also, we talk Hollywood for some reason. So grab something tasty and join us for episode 271. Clinky clinky!

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Episode 270: Funtober

October 30, 2017

Episode 270. Hey everybody! We are back and Kevin from KOWW joins us. We talk about our Renaissance Festival experiences, we had a few birthdays, and we played lots of games getting ready for November 4th. Extra-Life is coming up and we're playing games for 24hours to raise money for Children's Miracle Network, click the website banner to support us supporting the kids. So, grab something tasty/spooky and join us for our Halloween episode. Clinky clinky!

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Episode 269: Vegas Strong

October 9, 2017

Episode 269. Hello all. We are back. This week we talk the news, RPG Maker VX Ace, Resident Evil Zero, and much more. So grab a tasty beverage and join us as we stay strong in Vegas and push forward. Clinky clinky.

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Episode 268: Hearsay

October 2, 2017

Episode 268. Hey everybody, we are back with another exciting episode! We talk the new episode of The Orville, Shane reviews a kids movie, we talk the Hitmans Bodyguard, the first episodes of Marvels Inhumans and more! So grab your favorite beer and join us for episode 268.

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NAB Play - Cards Against Humanity Grab Bag

September 29, 2017

NAB Play. Hello everyone, we have another exciting episode of the guys playing Cards Against Humanity. This time Shane, Matt, Evan and Alex play with every expansion and booster pack they can get their hands on. So graba beer and join us for NAB Play!

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Episode 267: Water Beer

September 25, 2017

Episode 267. What's up everybody. This week Matt reviews Kingsman Golden Circle, we also talk the first three episodes of Orville, and there's a lot more. Also, fall is here, in celebration we had an impromptu campfire, but with a playstation on hand.  We decided to clear out our fridge and and ended up with Miller Lite. So grab a water beer of your own and join us for episode 267.

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Episode 266: Your Detector is Beeping

September 17, 2017

Episode 266. Hey everybody, we are back and joined by Conner Graves. He tells us about Persona 5 and Mario + Rabbids Battle Kingdom and more. Also Shane and Evan review Stephen King's IT, and Matt reviews his dad dates in Dream Daddy a Dad Dating Simulator. Things get really weird this episode too, we have a news segment this week and its almost exclusivly Nintendo information. So strap in a grab asomething tasty and join us for episode 266! Clinky!

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Episode 265: Time to Shine

September 4, 2017

Episode 265. Hey everyone! This week Kevin joins us and tells us about Destiny 2. Also Shane gets another platinum trophy, Matt marathon more movies, and Evan says weird things. Its another classic in the making over at NAB, clinky clinky!

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Episode 264: Punch Drunk

August 29, 2017

Episode 264. Whats up everybody, this week there was a big sport fight, and we talk about it, Shane reviews Atomic Blonde, Evan finally finds a plastic blaster for his VR, and Matt talks Netflix's Deathnote. So grab something cold and join us for episode 264.

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Episode 263: It Wasn’t Me

August 19, 2017

Episode 263. Hello everyone! This week things get weird! Matt interupts and tells us his weird ideas and of course brings the news. Evan is ranking up in competitive gaming. And, Shane has been binging anime and earning trophies, not always at the same time. Its a big week and its full of goofs so grab a familiar drink and join us for episode 263, clinky! We are drinking Stone IPA this week.

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